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Promised Land Living

The Abundant Life promised by Jesus Christ in the Gospel According to John (John 10:9-11) is much more than an abundance of money and possessions in the here and now. Yes, God can bless us materially here and now to be His stewards and generously share. Yes, Abundant Life is our salvation, eternal life with God the Father starting here and now. Yes, Abundant Life is living here and now with the Holy Spirit our Comforter and Counselor with us. Yes, we should be living and enjoying the Fruit of the Spirit here and now.


So why do we as Christians often feel stuck? Like we don’t know who we are and what our purpose is here and now? What is holding us back? We should be living like we are in the Promised Land, but we feel like we are wandering in the Wilderness. Our Abundant Life here and now is living in the Promised Land. 

Historical Hike

Are you wandering in the Wilderness? 


The Abundant Life in the Promised Land with Jesus Christ is possible for everyone who believes in Him. It’s not out of your reach. You just might need some help out of the wilderness. Some call it a “midlife crisis.” Some call it an “empty nest.” Some call it “retirement blues.” Maybe it’s a listless, stale marriage relationship with your spouse. Or perhaps you’re just looking for a deeper walk with Christ and other believers.


You don’t have to stay stuck in one place. You don’t have to go through the Wilderness alone. You don’t have to let the Wilderness define you. You can experience the true freedom – much more than financial freedom – God intended for you.

Hiking Friends

Journey to Enter the Promised Land

As a Certified Coach Presenter, I can guide you through a Biblically-based faith journey called Promised Land Living (PLL) with others just like you. PLL is a small-group coaching cohort that is designed to provide you and your fellow travelers:

  • a safe, sacred space

  • a real, honest community

  • a process for renewing your mind and heart

  • a path to experiencing vibrant faith

PLL - A different way of doing life together.

Based on a vibrant faith! The kind that helps you show up and be present in all of your relationships. For married couples, you and your spouse will create a new level of intimate marriage relationship together with Christ. 


Selected Cohort

14 weekly gatherings via Zoom with a group of 4-8 like-hearted Christian men or 2-4 married couples (both spouses must commit)


Individual Attention

Two structured one-hour individual/couple coaching sessions, plus 15-minute support coaching upon request


Group Coaching

Highly interactive, learner-friendly live group coaching sessions with a trained, certified and experienced PLL coach


Journey Guidebook

Group session topic notes plus offline individual growth activities to help you get the most out of your journey to the Promised Land

Journey to the Promised Land

Being your journey toward life transformation. Find the faith that fuels your calling, confidently informs your decisions, and creates limitless opportunities to experience the Abundant Life that Jesus Christ promised all of us – regardless of our finances and circumstances.


Abundant Life in the Promised Land is not out of reach! That’s HIS promise to you. Not mine. Jesus Christ wants you to be in the Promised Land here and now. Book a Discovery Call to ask questions, or to learn more visit Promised Land Living website.

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