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For the past 3 years as a certified Christian financial coach, I’ve helped my clients set a path for Financial Freedom, break debt chains, remove savings barriers, and build investing independence. You don't have to struggle to find an abundant life. With God's help and His principles for a wise money mindset, you will have all you need. With financial coaching, you'll discover how to tap into God's provision and move forward step by step. Book a Discovery Call and find out if personal finance coaching is right for you. Let's get started!

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Why I am a
Financial Coach


Certified Christian Financial Counselor (CFC)

Christian Financial Institute

Stewardship Study Leader

Compass - Finances God's Way

Financial Counselor


Financial Coach / Trainer - Financial Peace University

Ramsey Solutions

MBA - Finance/Marketing

Texas A&M University at Commerce

I’ve been responsible for money since I was 5 years old, in kindergarten. My parents gave me a glass piggy bank that I filled with change leftover from my weekly allowance of four quarters. Usually I spent some on candy at the store, and/or put some in the church offering plate, and saved whatever was left in the piggy bank.


That basic, childish financial mentality served me reasonably well for the next 45 years: spend some on yourself, give some to the church, and save the rest. But I never felt financially free, and certainly not peaceful. When I hit 50 years old and yet another career change, God through the Holy Spirit started spiritually renewing my money mindset. And He did it through character, not money. 


That’s why I started financial coaching, so that I could pass along the spiritual character traits along with the financial knowledge and wisdom from experience.


You might be thinking about working with a personal finance coach because:

  • You have a specific financial problem you can’t solve on your own

  • You are tired of being in debt

  • You are sick of living paycheck-to-paycheck

  • You argue with your spouse about spending money all the time

  • You don’t know how you will pay for ________ (college, car, house, retirement, etc.)

  • You lost a job

  • You can’t sleep at night, worried about money (or lack of it) in the future


As a financial coach, I can give you logical solutions to all of these issues based on knowledge and wisdom, but I would be doing you a disservice. That’s not what God is after. God is after our hearts, and there are spiritual character traits behind all of these financial issues. God wants to change our hearts, not only our heads. As a Christian financial coach, I can help you find where God is working in your financial life.


That kind of spiritual heart change takes time and practice. Financial coaching can help you stay on track. Logical solutions and different habits will help solve your personal finance problems. When you start with the spiritual heart changes the Holy Spirit wants to make, then you will discover a whole new relationship with God (and your spouse, if you’re married). 

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