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Step Into Abundant Life

The Abundant Life isn't about money, riches, mansions, and possessions. The ones with the most toys don't win if they aren't free to enjoy them. The Abundant Life is about Financial Freedom. There are people everywhere who are rich and have all they need, but don’t have financial freedom. They are burdened by debt, bad spending habits, arguments with their spouse, and fear about the future. They live paycheck-to-paycheck even though they bring home more than $100,000 a year. They don't think they will ever retire. And they are passing on these burdens to their children. Does that describe you? Are you tired of living that way? God doesn't want you to!

Romantic Couple
Financial Analyst

Through Personal Finance Coaching with Andrews FC, clients and couples from all walks of life can achieve Financial Freedom. We’re dropping those burdens, breaking the chains of debt and spending, and healing broken marriages and relationships. Together with God’s help we’re renewing our spiritual mindsets about money and what financial freedom through stewardship really means. 

As a certified financial trainer, I present personal finance courses virtually online, or in person to church groups or small/medium business (SMB) employees. The training participants see better results as they apply what they learned about money management alongside a personal financial coach to focus on their unique challenges and to encourage them with a new mindset and habits. As a Certified Financial Counselor (CFC) by the Institute for Christian Financial Health, our spiritual financial coaching process is based on best practices from various Christian stewardship ministries including FaithFI (formerly MoneyWise) and Compass Financial Discipleship

Financial Freedom

Tired of feeling anxious, frustrated, stuck or bound by your money situation?
More money is NOT the solution! A spiritual financial coach can help you find God's Way.

Spiritual Stewardship

God wants to spiritually renew our mindset about money, finances and possessions. It's not only about what we believe and what we know, it's about why we trust Him.

Knowledge & Wisdom

Financial literacy doesn't help if we don't use it with God's wisdom. Discover how God guides us to make wise decisions and choices. They may be tough - but God's wisdom is more rewarding than you can ask or think.

Smart Habits

With a spiritually renewed mindset plus knowledge and wisdom, put it all into practice through purposeful habits reinforced by an encouraging coach alongside you. 

Whatever your financial situation, with financial coaching you can take the next step to Financial Freedom thanks to a proven stewardship plan: goal setting, giving, debt elimination, emergency savings, budgeting, targeted accounts, insurance, home buying, investing and estate planning. As a coach I do not "sell" any financial products, I guide clients to find their best options for their situations and goals. With married couples, I include financial personalities and communication strategies so that spouses stop fighting with each other and create a healthy, balanced partnership together. If you’re ready to take the first step toward financial freedom, contact me for a Discovery Call to find out if personal financial coaching is right for you.

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